Sunday, December 8, 2013

Most men pay/order Female Escorts when they're lonely or single and are needing some companionship for a night or longer.  Phoenix Escorts are sometimes called "Girlfriend Rentals" as you're paying for a girl to spend time with you for a certain period of time.  Many men find this service to suite their needs as they get the companionship and intimacy that they're looking for with out the long term commitment of a relationship.  With temporary satisfaction without the long term commitment, Phoenix Escorts seem to be a very appealing approach to lonely men when they're in their time(s) of personal needs, wants and desires.  These are some of the reasons why the Escort industry is continuing to boom and grow each year.

Phoenix Escorts Service have been around for quite some time is continuing to grow in popularity among not only men but women as well.  More people are finding out about temporary intimacy each day and is appealing to those who aren't looking for a long term commitment & relationship but for "No Strings Attached" person to person affection.  The Escort Industry brings in hundreds of millions of dollars each year and is seeing an increase in business and revenue each year.  Many people are seeing the relationships & marriages aren't lasting as long anymore and has resulted in people not wanting to be in a relationship.  While not being in a relationship for a while, people can become lonesome and have the urge/need to have their personal desires met which is where the Escort Service comes in to meet that need.

How to Choose an Escort Service


 1. Find a reputable escort directory site that has many escort ads for you to search through such as You can tell you are on a good site if the majority of the ads there are posted monthly. Sites to avoid would be sites like where escorts post ads daily instead of monthly. One reason behind this is that daily ads are very cheap which attracts lower class escorts. 

2. Once you have found a good reputable escort site/service you need to choose if you want to search for an self working & independent escort or an escort agency. Agencies are good to work with because you can expect a higher level of consistency as far as the service goes. If you have found an escort agency that you think you like then the escort booker can make to make recommendations for you according to you what type of women/men you like/prefer. The bad side to agencies is that you will have to pay higher prices  because you be required to pay a large agency fee which is rolled into the total price.  If you use an independent escort then the agency fee is eliminated and you can expect to pay a lower overall price.

3. Next yow will need to search for the type of escort you want based on your preference(s). Some categories include; mature, skinny, brunette, blond, busty, VIP,etc.  Once selected you'll be shown difference escorts that are available based on your selection & criteria.

4. Next you will need to choose a budget and decide how much you're wanting to spend. Remember that when it comes to an Escort Service you really do get what you pay forso if you only have a couple hundred dollars to spend then you should consider saving up some more money as you'll have a much better experience is you spend more money as the more money you spend the better quality of service you get. Once you've chosen a girl that meets your criteria, read her page and information which will include her price and personal information.  If she's out of your budget then you'll want to search for another girl. Do not attempt to negotiate the price with an upscale escort as she will not negotiate as she has other people and clients just like yourself that are willing to pay her price. If her price is not listed then this usually means she's pretty expensive. If you found an escort that you really like and she is in your price range, make sure that there will be no added fees or "tips" once you arrive as these extra "fees" & "tips" can really add up!

5. Next you'll want to make sure that the girl in the photo(s) is the girl you'd actually be getting. Escorts will sometimes use fake photos and will lie to you and say that it's them in the picture and then when they show up it's not the same girl. Some escorts/girl are using fake pictures and then blurring out their face but many beautiful & high quality escorts will use real photos and then blur their face as well for privacy reasons. One way you can tell if her photo is real is to look her up on a review site to make sure it's really her. Sometimes guys will leave comments about her and let you know if she is the girl in the photo so checking and reading for comments is also something you should do before calling her.

6.  Google her provided name and see if she's reputable and you can also see how long she's been providing Escort service. If she has only been in the Escort service industry for a few weeks or months then you are taking a higher risk of running into a problematic situation. Another precautionary step you can take is to Google the contact phone number and email that she has provided.

7.  Once you have chosen an Escort that met your criteria and preferences make sure that you have a very clear understand of what will take place during your time together. If you discuss her service(s) over the phone, be sure you know the correct terminology for the services you want. Sexual and graphic words may cause her to hang up the phone on you and possibly may ignore any future calls. Also, keep in mind that you may also be talking to her "manager" on the phone, so remember the female who answers your call may not be the girl you think you're calling or talking to.

These are some of the basic tips and information you need to know before calling Phoenix Escorts as it'll help you to save money and more importantly help you to stay safe.

Remember, be polite, stay in a budget and don't forget: Have a good time!  :)